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Acción por la Música

We have different programmes focused on responding to different realities and needs.

In the orchestras and choirs of Acción por la Música, the artist learns to be the protagonist of his or her own change. The groups are open and unfiltered, with a diversity of learning levels. 

All the members of the groups are lent musical instruments thanks to the Instrument Bank.


Aimed at providing opportunities for growth and improvement through music, reinforcing the sense of belonging and community.

Intervention spaces: cultural centres, educational centres, community spaces.

Ages: minors (3 / 18 years) and adults (18 / no age limit)

If you want to collaborate to open a new orchestra in your neighbourhood or to promote one of our active projects, contact us!


Dirigido a brindar a menores y adultos con necesidades educativas especiales la oportunidad de expresarse y desarrollar su potencial artístico colaborando con otras personas en un espacio seguro de libertad, superación personal y apertura de espíritu.

Intervention spaces: special education centres, cultural centres.

Children and adults diagnosed with ASD, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, intellectual disabilities, and other conditions.

If you want to collaborate to promote this programme or need more information, please contact us!

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Aimed at creating a network of active solidarity committed to children's rights and the construction of a sustainable world.

Areas of intervention: All Acción por la Música programmes in their different areas: pedagogical, psychosocial, artistic, sustainability, and alliances and communication.

Everyone is welcome! Our volunteer scheme guarantees the success of your experience.

Do you want to volunteer with us? We are waiting for you!

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The instrument bank is a solidarity formula that allows all the beneficiaries of the foundation to have access to the instrument that will accompany them during their musical training.

Our instrument bank consists of 340 musical instruments and is valued at over 35,000 euros.

This programme is mainly supported by donations in kind from individuals who want to give their instrument a second life.

In addition, we receive financial donations for the purchase of instruments from companies and other partners.

 Make it Sound! Help us change the cardboard instrument for a real one for more than a hundred children.

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