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Acción por la Música

We have our own methodology inspired by «El Sistema de Coros y Orquestas» by Maestro Abreu (Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts in 2008). Created by our psycho-pedagogical team, it is aimed at empowering the participants with integral training that includes:

  • musical training
  • psychosocial accompaniment
  • training in values
  • complementary workshops

To finance this integral training, we have a scholarship plan funded by the contributions of our members. Join us and contribute to changing the lives of hundreds of children.


The entity's pedagogical plans that reflect our methodology are focused on measuring social impact. Our 10 keys to success are:

1. Intervention through schools, social and cultural centres: fundamental to relate to the community and to reach those who need it most.

2. Participatory methodology: From the beginning, participants make decisions regarding their learning to take co-responsibility for it. 

3. Close role models, "learning by teaching": The older musicians help the younger ones. They are their best example of overcoming and success. 

4. Cooperative learning, "stronger together": Teamwork makes them more resilient and promotes solidarity, cooperation, and a sense of belonging. 

5. Cumulative and progressive repertoire: The repertoire is adapted to each level and designed with strategic objectives to facilitate their learning. 

6. High-intensity timetable: As a measure of conciliation for families and promotion of healthy leisure and free time for children. 

7. Education in values transversal to musical learning: Integration, excellence, leadership of influence, shared humanity, honesty, and well-being are the values promoted in the collective learning of music. 

8. Continuous psychosocial follow-up: A psychosocial team is at the service of programme participants and their families. 

9. Networking with other entities of the third sector: Necessary to guarantee the integral well-being of young people and their families. 

10. Committed public and private promoters : Fundamental for the music to sound louder and louder and reach further and further.

Would you like to receive training, or do you want to know more?

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