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Acción por la Música

Acción por la Música is the sum of many wills that share the same dream: to build a better world. To achieve this, we work closely with educational centres, companies, donors, public administration, and cultural and social organisations.

Together, we are stronger.

Educational Centres:

With us, your educational centre can be a reference space in the neighbourhood, expand the offer of extracurricular activities free of charge, set up an orchestra or choir that gives visibility to the school and promote education in values, the development of soft skills, and the involvement of families in the educational community through music.

Current partners: CEIP Jaime Vera, EI Los Ángeles (this should be updated in September when we will know which schools we are in).

Business and Enterprise:

 The world is changing: today, purpose-driven businesses are essential and social investment is geared towards impact. We offer you the opportunity to go hand in hand with a project that has demonstrated the ability to transform people's lives irreversibly. With us you will gain reputation, visibility, both in the media and at events, you will be able to generate a measurable social impact by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, and allow your entire team to actively participate in a cause like this.

Major Donors:

At Acción por la Música your donation generates long-term benefits and has power: all our projects are multi-year and aim to permanently transform the lives of the youngest people. Investing in impact is investing in the future. Your contribution is so significant that it will give a definitive boost to a methodology whose success is recognised worldwide, and which is expanding in Spain. 

Public Administration

We offer an opportunity to work on the 2030 Agenda and make progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Acción por la Música already has the support of the High Commissioner against Child Poverty and an effective and innovative strategy to fight poverty, reduce inequality and promote inclusive, equitable, and quality education. 

Current partners: Madrid City Council, Tetuán District Council, High Commissioner for the Fight against Child Poverty, Madrid Futuro.

Cultural Organisations

Your cultural centre can become a place of reference in the neighbourhood, expand the offer of activities and concerts free of charge, set up an orchestra or choir that gives visibility to the institution in numerous public and private spaces as well as in the media. If you want to achieve greater community participation in the cultural centre, implement an innovative musical training activity, promote the democratisation of culture and its participation among the most vulnerable groups, we are the perfect choice.

Current partners: Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía.

Social Entities

We dream of a world where all people have equal opportunities, and we know that we can only achieve this if we work in a network and collaboration. The 2030 Agenda sets the path. Working side by side we will get further, join us and we will achieve a definitive transformation. Current allies: Tetuán Community Development Process, Immigration Commission, Unwanted Loneliness Network, UAM, JMDT, Solidarity Talent Network, Social Music Network.

If you also believe that together we can make this world a better place, join us!

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