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Acción por la Música


Acción por la Música comparte el compromiso decidido con la protección y cuidado de las personas vulnerables, a quienes ofrecemos un entorno seguro. Por ello, la fundación ha abierto esta vía de comunicación para canalizar y gestionar las denuncias, reclamaciones o sugerencias de mejora que se puedan originar.

Transparency and plurality in funding

The best response to the trust received from society is to explain in detail what our means of financing are and which entities, public or private, are providing funds for our activities.
We detail the funds raised, specifying the main funders and the percentage of our budget accounted for by each of them.
Our criterion of diversification and plurality of funding means that no one contributes more than 25% of our budget. Furthermore, the collaboration tools that regulate the relationship with our promoters guarantee the total independence and autonomy of the foundation to apply the funds to the fulfilment of the foundational purposes.

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Control in the use of funds

We ensure that every euro allocated to Acción por la Música is translated into the desired social impact.
Our internal procedures ensure the correct allocation of expenditure to programmes and an internal policy of austerity and maximisation of social impact results.
We respect the wishes of donors and promoters through a scrupulous system of monitoring directed funds.
In the attached document we detail how much we spend on projects, how much we spend on governance and management, and how much we spend on fundraising activities.

Good practices, governance, and internal functioning

The Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for the fulfilment of the Foundation's mission and the efficient management of its resources. The proper functioning of the Board of Trustees has an impact on all the Foundation's activities: that is why we ensure that its members have a deep commitment to social transformation and that they carry out their functions in a completely altruistic and pro bono manner.
They are people of recognised prestige from different fields of activity and with solid ethical backgrounds. Situations of conflict of interest are regulated and prevented in the code of good governance and good practices.
Likewise, our internal functioning has been designed in accordance with ethical values and principles that permeate the procedures and systems of execution and monitoring of the activity to guarantee its arrangement to the fulfilment of the foundational purposes and the fairness and integrity of the whole process.

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